Brim - 6 Cup Moka Maker - Stainless Steel

Brim - 6 Cup Moka Maker - Stainless Steel

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Elegant design

Made with finely crafted stainless steel and a durable flip-top lid.

Six-cup (10 fl. oz.) capacity

Delivers demitasse cups of espresso in 4-5 minutes.

Even heat distribution

Thoughtfully designed to provide thorough and even heat distribution for enhanced flavor and aroma.

Perfect extraction

The safety release valve controls the pressure at which water is delivered to the coffee grounds at a predetermined level for perfectly extracted espresso.

Safe for use on all types of stovetops

Compatible with gas and induction cooktops for flexible use.

Ergonomic cool-touch handle

Along with oversize lid knob, offers easy handling and safe pouring.

Use and care

Can be used with ground coffee only. Do not attempt to use with tea, instant coffee, or other soluble ingredients. Hand-wash only with mild detergent, and allow the unit to cool completely before rinsing. Do not overfill the chamber with water or coffee grounds.